For Principals

ACI’s Outside Sales Team is dedicated, driven, and, most importantly, proven. From weekly Call Reports to outstanding Customer Service, ACI knows that professionalism and customer-centric processes define our business while growing yours.  We carry the number of lines we feel is necessary to provide a solid product portfolio for our customers. It is this synergistic effect of multiple-line selling that benefits you the most, and it helps our customers to buy related products from just one sales organization.  Benefits of working with ACI include:

  • You can lower and stabilize sales expenses.
  • A cost effective way to get your products to market.
  • You have an immediately available sales force which allows you to enter new markets quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • A larger customer base, resulting in deeper market penetration and increased sales.
  • You gain an established territory and market penetration that accrues from our sales representative’s experience in the territory.

Trade shows we attend include:  NTEA, Mid-America Truck Show, FDIC, ICUEE, MODEX, Power-Gen, World of Asphalt, Pack Expo, World of Concrete, NATM, AHR Expo, Tow Expo, Workboat Expo, APTA, NATDA, Sensors Expo, AUVSI Unmanned Systems, Waste Expo, Coal Prep, ConExpo & IFPE, Pumper & Cleaner Expo, Farm Equipment Expo, Process Expo, WWETT, Turbomachinery & Pump Expo, and more.

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Lead Procedures

Qualified Leads

A qualified lead is one that has been generated by our Marketing Department and the customer has shown some initial interest or a lead that is sent to ACI from:

  1. Inquiry to the Principal
  2. Result of advertisements
  3. Results of Trade Show Exhibits
  4. Principal request that contact be made on a certain account
Procedure for Handling Leads
  1. A qualified lead that has been generated by the Marketing Department is turned over to the appropriate salesperson who then schedules an appointment to visit the customer.
  2. A lead received from a Principal is coded and given to the proper inside salesperson.
  3. Inside salesperson makes a contact sheet in Goldmine and sets up an alarm for the appropriate salesman to call on the potential customer within two weeks.
  4. Original copies of leads are then emailed to the outside salespeople.
  5. Upon receipt of leads, outside salespeople review and decide which ones are high-profile that they will personally follow up on. The remaining leads are then reassigned to an inside salesperson to follow up on
  6. Upon completion of follow up on each lead, whether by inside or outside salesperson, a detailed contact sheet showing results of the call will be printed and sent to the lead originator.
Download sample marketing call report

Call Report Procedure

Steps for Processing ACI Call Reports:
  1. Call reports are entered by the salesperson on laptop computers, and then forwarded to the Prinicpals. At the end of each business day, all information entered by the salesperson is transferred to the main office via network connection and Goldsync software.
  2. Action items are scheduled and alarmed for follow up in Goldmine by either Customer Service or Outside Sales. High priority action items are discussed with the principal prior to the processing of the call report.
Download sample sales call report